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Media & Police break Impasse

The media instituted boycott against the Belize Police Department has ended following a meeting held this morning at the Racoon Street Police Station in Belize City. A representative from the majority of the media houses was present to discuss issues with the Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie who was accompanied by his deputy Noel Leal, ACP Edward Broaster, CEO George Lovell, and ACP George Myvette. The Commissioner shared what was agreed upon.

Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie

“We have agreed that twice per weak senior officers will be made available that will be doing press briefing to the media here at the raccoon street conference room. We have also agreed that in respect to out districts, the head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch will be responsible to those briefings. We’ve kept intact the fact that requests will be made through the Belize press office, the Belize police department press office up to the commissioner who would review those matters on a case by case basis. The primary agreement is that we will be doing press briefings twice per week here in Belize.”

CEO George Lovell

“There are other issues that we have to address going forward because we as I’ve said while we have this opportunity to ensure that we do right for our citizenry, we have to do that together. We have an opportunity to work closer to the media and the media has an opportunity to work with us. To address not just some of the things that we say in carrying out our functions but some of the things that confront the society.”

The Commissioner of Police has assured the media that the press unit of the department will be adequately staffed and the staff will be receiving training.