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Mediation Held in Roaring Creek Following the Murder of Another Hyde

The murder of twenty-one-year-old Malcolm Hyde has resulted in the police department upping their presence in Roaring Creek Village. Since Hyde’s murder, the police department has been anticipating acts of retaliation; however, the top cop himself is ensuring that doesn’t occur. On Tuesday, the Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, officer in charge of the village Denroy Barrow along with the community’s chairman visited residents of the village. According to Williams, the purpose of the visit was to reassure villagers that the current rise in gang violence in the village would not continue.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “We did a walk through the area of concern which would be the Hattieville area of Roaring Creek and we decided that due to the fact that the rivalry between the rivaling groups is so intense in that area that it would be good to set up a prominent police presence and so the Honorable Espat managed to purchase for us a tent and table, chairs, and bicycles which is now assigned to that area so we have police presence there on a twenty four hours basis. They are given bicycles that they will be patrolling the area on with a view to ensure that the criminal elements do not get any opportunity to strike again. It is a very difficult task because separate and apart from the Hattieville area we do have the Another World area of Roaring Creek which is also of concern and we also have Cotton Tree which is within that same constituency that is of concern. So the special patrol unit is now working in collaboration with the Roaring Creek police to be able to ensure that we maintain presence and I mean operational presence in the three areas of concern within that constituency to see how we can bring some semblance of calm because we do recognize that the tensions between those groups is extremely high and if not addressed it will lead to a streak of murders. This morning Brother Nuri and Williams Dawson from the Leadership Intervention Unit will be having an intervention session with the various parties with a view to see if from the intervention standpoint they can bring some calm and if that doesn’t work then we will resort to other means but even though we’re doing that we’re still going to ensure that we maintain our operational presence going after these gang members, these criminals as hard as we can to make them understand that we are not going to have that handful of them keep the residents of Roaring Creek hostage.”

So far no one has been charged for Hyde’s murder.