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Medical facilities being transformed through smart initiative

The Pan American Health Organization, PAHO, and the World Health Organization, WHO, have been on a mission to see hospitals and medical facilities transform into smart institutions.  This means equipping these facilities to stand up to disasters and to make them environmentally friendly by reducing their footprint. Yesterday, a training was conducted to familiarize staff with the Smart Hospital toolkits and components. Lealou Reballos, a Specialist, with PAHO/WHO explained more about the initiative.

Lealou Reballos – Specialist: “So when we do have a smart health facility we ensure that it is safe, it is able to operate during and after disasters, that it continues its function during those times but also we would like to ensure that there is greenness in its facility by ensuring that there is water conservation and doing some electrical components to it. The training initially is conceived to have a refresher course for those who were trained back in 2016. However we have people who have come as new sort of evaluators and we hope that after the training we will be able to assess an additional twenty four facilities here in Belize using the Hospital Safety Index and also the Green checklist. The Green Component and the team who will look at this Green Component will look at energy efficiency, they will look at water efficiency, the component of indoor air hostibilitaty and a few other areas that needs some assessment of the greenness of the facility.”

Several facilities in Belize will be assessed and the proper adjustments will be made according to the regulatory requirement. Froylan Uk, the Director of the National Engineering and Maintenance Centre, who is the Focal Point for the Ministry of Health Smart Initiative said that six facilities will be retrofitted.

Froylan Uk – Director of National Engineering and Maintenance Centre: “This refresher course is being carried out to assist another additional twenty four facilities in the country but this time around six of the larger health facilities will be chosen, meaning the community and the regional hospitals will be chosen to be retrofitted under the Smart Initiative Projects. When we talk about the two assessments that are introduced to the country by PAHO: these assessments are based under the Smart Initiative which means safer and greener facilities for our country. They are the BAT which is the Baseline Assessment, there is the Green Assessment and then the (HSI) Health Safe Index assessment.These  are initially carried out to see I would say the level of safety and green that our facilities have in our country so that we can implement other tool kits to decide which will be the best retrofit to implement in the facility.”

PAHO is providing technical support for the project.