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Meet two young men that are making Belize proud

Lately, we have been reporting on young men who have chosen a life of crime and as a result have died. However, tonight we bring you a report on two young men who have chosen a different path. 23-year-old Bryton Codd and 27-year-old Karym Coleman will be attending Briercrest College and Seminary in Saskatchewan, Canada to pursue higher education. The young men said that hard work and determination have gotten them this opportunity to study on a scholarship. Coleman shared with Love News how it came about.

Karym Coleman – Scholarship Recipient: We got this opportunity when we went to Nicaragua last year to play in the Central American games. One of the players from the Costa Rica team also goes to college in Canada at Baylor Chris University and he had videoed the games that we played against Guatemala and sent it to his coach and apparently his coach was impressed and contacted Briton who then contacted me and then we began the application process.”

Bryton Codd said that he is humbled by the opportunity to further his education and build his character.

Bryton Codd – Scholarship Recipient: As we approach the commencement of this journey a couple thoughts cross my mind; firstly while I’m elated to you is my talent to further educate myself. I remain deeply disheartened that this opportunity was not afforded to many great talents that pre-dated my volleyball career; as such I will do all that I can to ensure that these types of opportunities become the norm as opposed to the exception. We are grossly underperforming as a community if sports cannot be used as a tool for development. Secondly the opportunity to be exposed to a well-organized Christian community will instill some fundamental principles that we hope to apply in developing the spirit in the future namely the expansion of four reach as a community and the recognition that we are not poor but poorly organized.”

Coleman will be pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Codd will be pursuing a Masters in Leadership Management with a Specialization in Polarity Management and Government Design.