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Mek Mi Rich case heard by Court of Appeal

In 2015, Supreme Court Justice heard a civil suit brought against telecom giant Belize Telemedia Limited by Corozal businessman Curtis Dale Swasey. He is accused BTL of breaching a non-disclosure agreement making it possible for the owners of Mek Mi Rich to use his idea and making themselves rich. According to Swasey, he came up with the idea and called the television game, Super Slam Sunday. He went to BTL with the idea and for more than two years, he held several meetings and exchanged several emails with officials of BTL. In August 2014, he received a letter from BTL informing him that his idea was not in line with the company’s goals and as such, was rejected. A month later, to Swasey’s surprise, the Mek Mi Rich game show appears on national television. Justice Abel awarded $25, 000 in the case against BTL and the owners of Mek Mi Rich, Andre Vega and Sanjay Hotchandani. However, the matter was appealed and today it was heard. Swasey appealed and today it was heard by the Justices of the Court of Appeal. Senior Counsel represented Curtis.

SC Eamon Courtney, Attorney: “As we said to the court and as the trial judge says that’s the most difficult part of the case. We say that it was proven by circumstantial evidence and the circumstantial evidence is one as you heard in there just now we identified a document that was prepared by MMR’s expert for Telemedia which shows that Telemedia was working with MMR for MMR to get ahead in the project that they were developing. We also say that the email on the 7th of August 2014 from Ms. Wilson to Mr. Swasey was a lie because what she said was that your project will not be launched this year because it did not fit in to the company strategy but couple months later Mek Mi Rich was launched and so they lied to Mr. Swasey and launched Mek Mi Rich and the question is why lie? If you are acting above board so it is inferences like that from different parts of the evidence that we say to the country. Something is not right here and the judge was right in joining the difference that in fact there was a breach of the information exchange agreement.”

Reporter: So how does one handle the whole issue of the quantum of damages which was a big issue for Mr. Kareem Musa in the Supreme Court because he was unable to demonstrate just how much Mr. Swasey idea benefited financially those of Mek Mi Rich >

SC Eamon Courtney, Attorney: “What I pointed out to the Court of Appeal just now was in fact there was in fact evidence before the trial judge, two things: one there was a projection by Mr. Swasey as to how much money he would make and there was also a projection by Mek Mi Rich as of how much money they would make so what t we are saying that in a circumstance like that the court should look at that and make a projection as to what it is as to what it is Mr. Swasey has lost based on the estimates that both parties have put forward in way of evidence. The trial judge didn’t look at that evidence and what we are asking the Court is to send it back to him for him to consider it.”


The ruling has been reserved for a later date.