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Melissa Ferguson Charged for Conspiracy to Kidnapping

On Monday, August 8, we told you of Melissa Ferguson handing herself into the Belmopan Police Station in the company of her lawyer, Richard Dickie Bradley.  After extensive questioning by the police, Ferguson was detained by the investigators.  She spent the entire Tuesday in detention and this afternoon, she was spotted going into court to be arraigned.  Attorney Bradley was on hand to give the media an interview following the arraignment.


“She was charged sometime after 11am  at the Belmopan Police Station with a single count of conspiracy. She conspired to commit kidnapping. You heard some of the arguments that she conspired to commit kidnapping against no one. The court had to enter the arena and say to the prosecution that they at least need to put a name so a short while ago they came back with an amendment to the charge sheet to add two names; the name of one person who really does not want his name to be called around and another person who at this stage he doesn’t really care whether his name is called or not. It’s all about optics, I learnt a new word from the Prime Minister. You can’t say from early after the most unfortunate and gruesome death of Pastor Lucas that you are looking for somebody or that you wanted to speak with somebody, the person comes forward and you detain them for 48 hours and ten minutes afterwards you give them a charge sheet after you told them that they would go home and it’s okay. So instructions came down to the police to charge the lady. You notice she was not charged for murder, she was not charged for kidnapping, who will come to say that she was planning and conspiring to kidnap because she’s upstairs in her house and Pastor Lou came to the house and that means that somehow she’s involved. She’s as shocked as she can be to hear that in fact they would charge her. From all the advice she got not just from myself but from others was that there was no way they could link her with the murder or no way they could link her with the kidnapping. She was forthright and told the police that she was at home and that she did see Pastor Lou come and like I said they told her, their word is not good, they told her that she would go home and that they just needed to tie up a couple loose ends.”

Love News understands that William Mason will be in the Belmopan Magistrates’ Court on Thursday to face additional charges.  Ferguson was remanded to the Belize Central Prison.