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Melissa Ferguson Remains Detained by Police in Belmopan

Melissa Ferguson – she is a person of interest as she has been in hiding for the last eighteen days from the local authorities.  Yesterday, when she finally made a public appearance and went to the Belmopan Police Station in the company of her attorney, Richard ‘Dickie’ Bradley, it was widely expected that she would be charged.  That expectation arose out of several statements made by the authorities including one that noted that she was seen in surveillance footage of the kidnapping.  What was interesting from the get go was that the investigators had reportedly gotten that footage from July 16 and yet a notice of her being wanted was not issued until July 21 – five days after having the footage.  By that time, Ferguson was nowhere to be found.  The Minister of National Security, John Saldivar found no discrepancies with that and expressed full confidence in the police department when we interviewed him during a military event in the Cayo District last month.  In this interview, it was also interesting to note that while Saldivar said that the international authorities, specifically, INTERPOL was in the process of being notified of Ferguson’s status, the Canadian woman still managed to walk in and up to now have had no charges levied against her.


“As the head of national security didn’t it raise any red flags for you when the police just started looking for his spouse five days after this incident began unfolding?”


I guess the police will have their reasons and I’ll have to depend on their expertise in that area why five days after that is when they decided, they know what they are doing and I trust in what they are doing.”


“Do you know if the police have already put out that notice to INTERPOL on Ferguson.”


“I believe they have if they are searching for someone that is one of the first things that the police does, is put out a search internationally.”

On July 29, Love News spoke with the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of National Security, Retired Colonel George Lovell who spoke of the video footage, confirming that the woman was wanted.


“In terms of the wife the police after they have viewed a tape which was some days after realized that there may be reasons for them to want to have the wife in for questioning. Those reasons I don’t know if the commissioner of police made public but it was probably after that that they sent out this bulletin for her to be located and brought in.”

Ferguson’s attorney, Richard Bradley, told Love News that there is no presence of his client on the surveillance footage which was what she reportedly told the officers she spoke to yesterday in Belmopan.


“Everybody has an opinion on this matter. I don’t know if you’ve spoken to the investigator because they are not going to share anything with the media until they are very clear. I was not there I was not on the hill for anything but my instructions from Ms.Ferguson is that there is no way any surveillance camera can show her committing a crime, being present during the course of any crime or can link her with any criminal activity. She has told the police that pasto Lucas did go to Mr.Mason’s house in the afternoon of the fateful Friday and she did not and there are many workers there see anything that would say he was tied up, gagged or anything of that nature so she was in the house and she had seen but not been present during whether any kidnapping had took place at that time. We all know and the police know that Pastor Lucas was taken from that house or went from that house and gone somewhere else where he lost his head, that matter Ms.Ferguson absolutely knows nothing about that matter or about him being kidnapped. He was there, the maid took water for him there was a conversation with other persons, he had frequented that house, he had been going there on a regular basis so that would be nothing unusual that he had turned up in the afternoon of the 15th of February. So if that information is that that was on camera she would have been arrested the moment we walked in here because there would have been audio and visual evidence to confirm what you were told by the police.”

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Dean Barrow has also made his statements on the issue in late July where he spoke of the entire Mason situation being fluid.  In that same breath, Prime Minister Barrow says he is yet to find any evidence that would show Saldivar’s guilt of corruption or collusion with Mason.


“The situation continues to be fluid, continues to evolve as of now that is where it stops. The waiting game is being played by me, cabinet colleagues, by all of us. I can’t tell you how it will all end up but as of now at this particular juncture whatever continuing public opinion blows this causes me to have to absorb I insist the threshold to be able to say that the Minister is guilty of corruption or criminal collusion has not been reached.”

Ferguson was reportedly to hand in herself to the police last week but due the hurricane the plan was delayed until yesterday.