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Melissa Ferguson Shocked at Police’s Charges Against Her

Melissa Ferguson will spend her first night in prison tonight and her future is now unknown.  According to her attorney, Richard Dickie Bradley, it was not her expectation that she would have been charged as it was not the idea she had gotten in conversations held prior to her handing herself over to the authorities.


“My understanding is that her instructions from the other attorneys was that the suddenness of what had transpired Friday, the information that came out she would not have anybody to say come and stay with her, the lawyers advised her in the circumstances of what was happening that, they had chopped up a priest in Benque one time  but for Belize it’s a very shocking matter that somebody would remove the head of a pastor from his body and I imagine in the circumstances of what was happening the lawyers advised her that it was not safe for her to stay at her home and that they would take her somewhere safe until they could get a clear understanding of what was happening.”

As it relates to the Outback Ranch on the George Price Highway, Bradley says Ferguson had expressed heartbreak at the condition of her farm especially the horses.


“When I was bringing her to the Belmopan police station on Monday morning we did stop to take a look and it is a hurtful scene to see the horses, I’m a dog and a horse fan , and the horses look like they are not eating and tears came to her eyes. Some of those horses are special to her, I see the Pinto horses it’s a shame, there is nobody to look after the farm, workers have gone off and all kinds of things. It’s a concern for her. While she was out on the phone she was getting some of the previous workers to go and assist and then of course a storm came a long.”

One of the burning questions on some minds is, ‘why didn’t she just leave the country?’ since she is not of Belizean descent and she had a valid passport.


“It says something to her credit and it should have said something to those who came up with this last minute bogus charge on her that listen if I knew for a moment there was the slightest way in which they could link me with anything why would I a Canadian citizen she could have been long gone the very night so that is an excellent question and it highlights the fact that here is somebody who knew she was entirely innocent of what transpired she absolutely knew nothing and it was a shock. The first time I met her and was trying to get some sense of what was happening she just kept saying “I can’t believe this has happened.” If I know I did something and I can go home to my country why am I here going through this embarrassment that she has been subjected to.”


“Unless you can’t go home to your country.”


“Well there is no evidence of that at all and she is a member of the Commonwealth she can go to any other common wealth country but that is an excellent question and in fact it begged the question that the law allowed that she was entitled to be granted bail, bail is not to be used to punish everybody because the arguments being put to the magistrate to say “listen put her in prison because a serious crime has happened, they even called Mason’s name as if to try to poison the magistrate’s mind so that is to her credit that she stayed here, that when she made contact with me I told her the procedure is you can go to any of the police station I called the DPP and the acting commissioner of police, I called Joseph Myvette and they said fine you can bring her in you know this is a bad time let us do it on Monday and I had said to her “listen you can go to Mexico and then go home. You can fly from Cancun nobody is looking for you.” She has her property, she has her business, she has her life and she has said over and over she is innocent and knows nothing of what transpired and whenever that days comes you will be around to see that a court of law will absolutely exonerate her.”

It is unknown where Ferguson had taken refuge since July 15, 2016.