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Melvin Hulse resigns as UDP standard bearer following leaked secret recording

Melvin Hulse has resigned as the UDP Stann Creek West candidate. This move comes days after a secret recording of Hulse was made public.  In the recording Hulse is heard being very critical of party leader and Prime Minister Dean Barrow.  Earlier this week when we spoke with Hulse we asked whether he thought he would be replaced as standard bearer.  At the time he said he expected to be removed given what had been transpired. In his statement Hulse once again states his regret for the circumstances that led him to make the decision to resign. He said quote “What I said about my Party leader in connection with the resignations from the House of Joseph Mahmud and Ivan Ramos, is utterly untrue. I freely retract it because I knew it could not be true even when I said it. I was upset and disgruntled at the time, but that should never have caused me to say what I said with no basis at all. So I apologize and move on now to re-establish my personal and party relationship with Dean Barrow and the UDP” end of quote.