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Melvin Hulse Says Removal of Godwin Is For Comfort

Today, Love News met up with former Cabinet Minister, Melvin Hulse who says that he has been observing the happenings in the country and has maintained dialogue with those in Stann Creek.  Here is how he feels about the request by the BNTU to remove Senator Godwin Hulse.


“I heard the explanation from Luke. I guess most of us in a position like that would say “you know I wouldn’t want you there because if anything comes out and you are the Minister of Police, we aren’t too comfortable.” As Luke mentioned it’s a part of comfort zone. To remove any element that they might be trying to squash or bring out everything I can understand their point. They have not said anything against the Minister as an individual but they are talking about him in the post that he holds and they feel that “just in case we’ll move him from there.”

It is yet to be ascertained whether the Prime Minister will accede to the BNTU’s demands.