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Melvin Hulse Speaks on Inquiry and Mason Saga

Melvin Hulse is a former Cabinet Minister and former Area Representative for Stann Creek West.  Despite his exit from the forefront of politics, he remains in tune to the national issues include the recent discussion of the Senate Inquiry.  Today, he spoke on the importance of an inquiry into the Auditor General’s reports.


“At least if people will be able to hear, because everybody listened to the hearing for DFC and Social Security but at least then when they arrive at a decision it is not somebody else’s opinion and it is not a political party rallying it’s people whether PUP, UDP or the new party. We will get a better position of how to move forward because you can’t make good decisions without true information. A lot of us would have loved to jump on this but that is not the way you do it on a mature and a responsibly way, you can’t.”

There is also the factor of the William Mason saga which brought about the names of several public officials and senior police officers.  Melvin Hulse spoke on the association of the ministers and Mason.


“You know something, all of us deal with all kinds of people. When we are dealing with people I don’t know if they will turn out to be flipping criminals or bad people at the end because you meet everybody particularly if you are in an area representative status or if you are in government and so in a way it kind of turned sour on some of those guys. We have 30,000 people in Stann Creek I am certain that all of them are not sane but as far as I deal  with some of them I have coffee with nearly everybody and I’m certain some of them are flipping bad, I’m certain of that. Thank goodness none of them went and did something like that that now calls in something and then gets me painted with the same brush because none of them are being accused of any crime  of this killing and we don’t even know to what extent, only the courts can decide who will be guilty or not guilty on the actual killing of a human being. But for you to say that you know me and you used to hang with me and now that you did some alleged, you did some crime, you can’t say in advanced what bad persons are out there. Courts are going to bring all of those things out. I just for people like me who have been at it for a long time and the Prime Minister who has been in it for a long time thank goodness the people we were talking with and having fun with and met at cocktails or met at parties, thank goodness none of them went off to do a crime. This is the first time something like this has happened and so we are jumping on all the ministers and politicians and friends who were dealing with them. I don’t know about any conspiracy but I am glad that I am not one of them. That is just accident and luck, there is no way I could have foreseen that I would have met him one day, I meet everybody.”

Melvin Hulse had resigned from the UDP in August 2015 following a leaked recording of statements made against the UDP and the Prime Minister.  Upon resigning, Hulse had appeared on The Morning Show where he spoke of the failure of systems in Government.  He said, quote, “How much every day we hear about we’re putting systems in, put systems in and people can’t get their purchase prices, can’t get their titles. I have people who have paid for their titles years ago – can’t get lease, can’t get that, can’t get education help, can’t get electricity, can’t get pipes for water expansion…that is not what this country is about.  I just need to sensitize my former colleagues that they are running for elections, and if I see lee injustice going on and I see little things, they can’t fault me with coming to the media to expose it because a lot has happened over the last seven years.”  End of quote.