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Melvin Hulse to be replaced in Stann Creek West

Yesterday, Melvin Hulse, tendered his letter of resignation as the UDP Stand Bearer for Stann Creek West following the release of a very scandalous and slanderous secret recording. In this recording he spoke about Prime Minister Dean Barrow and made some damning allegations about former PUP Standard Bearers, Ivan Ramos and Joseph Mahmud. Today, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, spoke of Hulse’s resignation.


Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“You know it’s a real pity as I’d said to you on Monday in Dangriga, everything that Melvin said could have been forgiven. We all bad talk one another and it’s a real shame that what he said privately was recorded but in terms of the tape recording everything as far as I am concerned was fair game if not fair comment except for the allegation in terms of Mahmud and Ivan Ramos and Lord man Melvin said it with such authority and as he conceded afterwards he knew that after wards that was absolute nonsense but I know Melvin Hulse and I’ve known him for years there is not a mean bone in his body ,there is no malice where Melvin is concerned he loves to mouth off and when he is disgruntled he will mouth off even more and so I certainly hold absolutely nothing against him for what he said. He took the decision, his executive the people in Stann Creek West were upset he took the decision that that tape would come back to haunt him during any campaign that he would pursue for Stann Creek west and so he decided that the best thing was for him to resign.”


Barrow says that Hulse will still have a role to play in the constituency in terms of political campaign. Nathan Young has been unofficially announced as his replacement and Barrow supports that idea however, if any other UDP political aspirant steps up then a convention will be called. ]