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Member says meeting left a lot to be desired

Dave Espadas has been one of the members at the forefront of the movement and calls Saturday’s meeting invalid.

David Espadas – Member, LICU

And today’s meeting you didn’t need to come here it was all in the media and they went against one of the credit union’s bylaws, I think it is article seven where all confidential things is to be kept by the manager the employees and the board so we kept only to the members but they went public so they went bad that side. Secondly at the end of this meeting, the meeting didn’t end well because they didn’t go through the correct procedures. This meeting is not valid because they should have given Ms.Yoli the opportunity to face the people she has as her children in the growth of the La Immaculda Credit Union. We didn’t put it on an agenda but she was going to speak as a member/owner not as the past general manager so that’s why we didn’t put, in hindsight we should have done a lot of things with that request but we are just basing on four of them but the whole meeting from beginning to end was just tarnishing her name from beginning to end. While the general meeting could not have finished because this fraud or that thing so from beginning to end it was just about Ms.Yoli and they were very very biased not to give Ms.Yolanda the opportunity to speak as a member owner of the credit union they hurriedly called the meeting to an end and it didn’t go through the correct procedure so it is a bogus meeting that we had.”

According to Espadas he views the actions of the board as highly irresponsible and putting the membership’s investments at risk if Gomez decides to sue.

David Espadas – Member, LICU

“They have big attorneys with my money from the credit union I have non, all I have is my courage to fight for justice. I am asking again if any lawyer wants to be pro bono to please come and help me out because this is serious but as you said the courts will decide because this will end up in court no matter what and we the members and owners of the credit union will lose no matter how many millions we did in four months we will lose because we will pay high quality attorneys that they have to fight this case and if Ms.Yoli wins then they will have to compensate that lady out of our money again so we will constantly be losing.”

Espadas said that he intends to write to the credit union registrar in order to get a satisfactory report about what is happening at the institution.