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Members of basketball team happy to be home

Members of the Belmopan Trojans basketball team are safely back home. The team had participated in the Copa Cancun basketball tournament when the passenger bus they were in collided into a parked truck. Love News caught up with one of the players, Denzel Brown who said he is thankful that no one on the team received major injuries.  He also expressed thanks for the support they received.

Denzel Brown: It was very tragic. Lives were lost but in the entire midst we thank God for sparing the lives of all our team members with only minor injuries and one broken nose. Gabby we hope you come back soon, we are praying for you for a speedy recovery. To all the family members that lost loved ones; we love you and we thank you for being strong and for helping us throughout all our situation when we were over there in Mexico.

Fem Cruz: I see you have a scar over you face, tell us a little bit of you injuries?

Denzel Brown: It was nothing; it was just a minor bump from when I was thrown forth when the vehicle made a sudden stop and all of us were thrown forth and we hit our heads on the seats in front of us and that was it.

Fem Cruz: The persons that died, died in the other vehicle?

Denzel Brown: We don’t know because we were all in the back and we were sleeping but it was dark so we don’t really know.

The bus collided with a truck which was parked at the side of the highway due to mechanical problems. The incident occurred in the area of the highway along Felipe Carrillo Puerto to Chetumal, near the junction to the Miguel Hidalgo Community, Mexico.