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Members of Integrity Commission Appointed

This morning the Senate approved the appointments of the chair and members to the Integrity Commission. Andrea McSweaney-Mckoy was appointed as Chairperson of the Integrity Commission while Katherine Meighan, Zoe Roberson – Zetina, Ricardo Moguel, George R. Swift, Payal Ghanwani, and Jaraad Ysaguirre were appointed as members. These persons are considered to be of high integrity. Senator for Government Business, Eamon Courtenay introduced the motion. 

Senator Eamon Courtenay:  “In the process of consultation with the Leader of the Opposition for the appointment of the chairperson the Prime Minister shall use his best endeavors to secure the agreement of the Leader of the Opposition and whereas after consultation with the Leader of the Opposition the Honorable Prime Minister intends to advise the Governor General to appoint Mrs. Andrea Mcsweeny McCoy , attorney at law as chairperson of the integrity Commission. Whereas Mrs. Andrea McSweeney McCoy is a person of integrity and high national standing and is duly qualified to be appointed as chairperson of the Integrity Commission and whereas by sections 2 C and three of section 61A of the constitutional Belize provide that a member of the Integrity Commission can only be validly appointed with the prior approval of the Senate now therefore be it resolved that this honorable Senate having peruse the curriculum vitae of Mrs.  Andrea McSweeney McCoy and being satisfied that she is fit and proper to be appointed as chairperson of Integrity Commission hereby approves the set appointment for a period of two years with effect from the first April 2022.” 

Senator Eamon Courtenay:  “Finally we’ll have the Integrity Commission in place I know that is something that is important to Belizeans to keep us as parliamentarians that we must that we must fulfill our obligation to file our integrity declaration so that I think that’s another important one.” 

The appointments are for two years. Swift will act as the commission’s accountant.