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Members of PAC a no show

The Public Accounts Committee was scheduled to meet today in Belmopan but that did not happen. Area Representative for Cayo South, Julius Espat, who is the Chairman of the PAC, presented himself but was told that the other members could not make it for today’s meeting. Espat spoke to Love News.

Julius Espat, Area Representative: “The honorable Kareem and I came to the meeting today and we were informed that all government members, not only one but all government members would not be attending for whatever reason but it’s sad. It’s not so much disappointing because I expect all of these things but it’s sad and that’s why I’ve been fighting for it to be public.”

Reporter: So as the chairman of the Public Accounts Committee were you given a reason as to why these other members were absent today.

Julius Espat, Area Representative: “The clerk came up and apologized and said one of them caught the flu, the next one can’t be contacted, the next one was to show up. It was nothing formal; it was just and so we play government in this country. How we play democracy in this country. It is done as a joke and that’s why Belizean people look at politicians and look at government in a despairing way because of how they operate, how they act and how they go about doing. You have to understand that the PAC’s role is one of check and balance. You have the ministers of government now having the majority in the pack. The consequences of that are plain to be seen; the fight does not stop.”

The next PAC meeting is tentatively set for November.