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Members of the Child Advisory Body receive school grant from Belize City Council

The Belize City Council issued a back to school grant to members of its Child Advisory Body. Councilor Hyacinth Latchman Cuellar who is responsible of the Body says it’s the Council’s way to say thanks to the children for the work and time they have dedicated to assisting the council.


Hyacinth Latchman Cuellar – City Councilor

“The Child Advisory Body to the Belize City Council from the time I was elected in 2015 Mayor Bradley decided that he was going to give me the portfolio of children, this was after we were elected and already given portfolios. We had to work closely with the Ministry of Local Government and we had to come up with a Child Advisory body and that is children from age 8 -17; presently we have a total of thirteen one male and twelve females and what the Child Advisory Body does is to help us to make decisions be it painting a part, they choose the color if it is a decision that we are going to have something at BTL park what are the types of entertainment they would like to see for children from that they are to make decisions on so we try our very best to include them in all our decisions makings. They participate as well in our caucus meetings we invite them to come in and feel like there is anything that they need to put forward on behalf of children they are allowed a slot in our caucus meeting to do that as well so this is basically just to tell them thank you because these children have gotten up at 5am to go with us and plant trees they have gone with us to paint classrooms throughout Belize City that is just some of the things that they have done. So what we are doing today is just to give them a back to school grant to say thank you for all they have done in the past two years.”



“So this covers back to school for primary and secondary?”


Hyacinth Latchman Cuellar – City Councilor

“This is for secondary and tertiary what we will do with the primary schools students we plan to do something for them after school opens.”


Kendise Armstrong is the President of the Advisory Body. She told the media what the opportunity has meant to her.


Kendise Armstrong – President, CAB

“It’s something that I really enjoyed doing being the fact that sometimes the mentality that some adults have is that kids should be seen and not heard that we belong in the background and that until we are adults we can’t make certain decisions and I think the Belize City Council is really changing that and making a shift in the way that we actually have a say and influence the way that our city looks which I think is really cool because at the end of the day youths are the future and we are going to be adults in a couple of years and I think it’s very important that we realize that we have a say now rather than later when we are old and the views that we might have could influence the way we think at that time.”