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Members vote for new Cycling Executive


The Belize Cycling Federation (BCF) had held its long awaited elections over the weekend. The incumbent executive had some changes and former president Dion Leslie was now running for Vice President and Orson Butler running for President. That team went up against a new challenger Alexi Ordonez who led a group calling themselves “Team Upward Bound.”  Their campaign platform was based on a need for a new direction. But it seemed that half of the registered members of the BCF didn’t care about which direction the federation went as only 51 percent of them showed up. The incumbent team won. Love News spoke to Orson Butler, the new president of the Belize Cycling Federation.

Orson Butler: In this election on the 14th of July we had a total of 267 members that is currently registered with the federation. However the election only 137 members showed up. Eighty went for my sleight which comprised of myself our president Dion Leslie for Vice President, Fiona Staine for General Secretary, Mr. Perry Gibson for treasurer, Committee member Le roy Casasola,  Edison Usher, DJ Vintage and Ronald Jack Sutherland and then for the opposing slate led by Alexia Redonez they have gotten 56 votes. His slate is comprised of Alexa Rodenez for President, Ms. Karen Vernon for Vice President, treasurer John Burns, Secretary is Mr. Shawn Duncan and then you have the three committee members Ms. Augustine Finnegan, Hul chen Li and Ms. Leticia. The elections was a very competitive one but at the end of the day the past years the hard work of myself, Mr. Gibson and Dion Leslie pays off in this victory for the 2018 to the 2022 victory for the new cycling executive.

One cyclist whose name did not factor in the elections but wanted to run for President, was Tariq Cano. After he accused the BCF of not being transparent and not producing financial records and holding elections on schedule, the attorney for the BCF wrote his attorney and informed him he had to register to be a member of the Belize Cycling Federation. Butler told Love News that the executive has been transparent with the finances of the organization.

Reporter: One of the issues that was brought up in the past was accountability, you know Mr. Kahn in the past complained along with his attorney about they haven’t seen what has been done for cycling, they want accountability when it comes to things like finances, will those records be open and visible for all to see or for all to see or at least those who question it.

Orson Butler: Well basically at the AGM that we had before the election, these information was presented as it was also emailed out in November to all our members, the same information that was emailed out, it was brought forward at the elections to actually shows the finance of the cycling federation. The expenditure vs. the sponsorships that we are getting and it was shown at the AGM how we spend our money and what’s our balance that we have no.

 Reporter: And how do those finances look going forward with the raises of criterion which it will have for the rest of the year.

 Orson Butler: Well basically the cycling federation goes race to race basis, we try to gather finances for each one of these events that we host on our calendar. Basically throughout the year, the only race in itself in Belize that actually pays for itself is one hundred percent is the Holy Saturday Cross Country, all the other races is actually sub sponsors by the federation along with the sponsor of the event. We normally use our registration for some of these payments or prizes and to cover the logistics of it.

Butler told Love News that the work continues and they are open to work along with any group that has an interest in cycling. The Federation is preparing for the National Road Championship in August.