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Men accused of robbing credit union makes court appearance

Harry Arzu reporting…

“On June 4th 2012 in broad daylight the Toledo Teachers Credit Union located in Bella Vista in the Toledo District was robbed of some $36,000.00 as a result four men are currently being tried in the Southern Session of the Supreme Court in Dangriga. Among the lawyers who are defending the accused, is attorney Richard Bradley who spoke with Love News yesterday.”

Richard Bradley – Attorney

“This trial involved masked robbers entering the credit union with guns, having a struggle with the security officer at the entrance of the credit union. That trial would have seen about 12 witnesses so far there is some confusion in terms of whether it was three persons or four persons; one witness even had five persons involved in this robbery. Police found the getaway vehicle abandoned on the Southern Highway. That trial may or may not closed because there is someone still out for a key witness and one other witness who is not as key but again like the Cucul matter, the prosecutor is fighting with an investigation which is not as full and thorough and complete as it should.”