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Men walk free of robbery charge

Four men accused of the 2012 robbery at the Toledo Teachers Credit Union walked free of the charge earlier today in the southern session of the Supreme Court. PC Oswald Young, BDF soldiers Zacariah Cuz and Romel Elijio and Bernard Linares were charged with the June 2012 robbery in which over thirty six thousand dollars was stolen.

Harry Arzu reporting…

”The trial of four men who were accused of a robbery that occurred on June 4, 2012 at the Toledo Teachers Credit Union office located in Bella Vista Village in the Toledo District ended today in the Southern session of the Supreme Court here in Dangriga. After Justice Dennis Hannomansingh summed up the case this morning, a jury of seven women and two men deliberated for about an hour and came out with a verdict of not guilty. Among the three lawyers for the defendants was Attorney-At-Law, Richard Dickie Bradley who spoke to Love News.

Richard Bradley

“ There were several loop holes; failure to follow procedure, failure to dot the I’s and the T’s which is important. In this case the police are saying they stopped the taxi around a certain time. They said that at a certain time, around eight thirty or shortly after they took the men to the police station with the money. However all the witnesses in the credit union, everybody, from security guard up to supervisor up to manager is giving a time, which it could not be these persons who are the robbers because they were then on the road being stopped by police in a taxi. At the time they were taken to the station, the robbery was in progress so it can’t be them.  So that must have played some role in the minds of the jury and there were several other important factors that it would be unfair for a jury to have said otherwise. In fact we were all shocked when we heard the knock on the door that they jurors were ready to come out; they had just gone in.’