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Mena Gets Minister of State in Ministry of National Security

Last night as the Prime Minister exited the counting station at the Sacred Heart Parish Hall in Dangriga following the announcement of Mena’s victory in the bi-elections, he was asked by the media whether he will be bringing Mena into the fold of the Cabinet.  Here is how the Prime Minister responded.


“Absolutely; for all sorts of reasons, I believe if I didn’t, the people of Dangriga, Hope Creek and Sarawee would feel extremely hard done by and perhaps I don’t need to go beyond that so that answer is yes.”

True to his word, the announcement was made today and we can tell you that Frank Mena is slated to be sworn in by Governor General Sir Colville Young on Friday at the Belize House in Belmopan as the Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security.  It is expected that next week, he will take the official oath of office at the sitting of the House of Representatives.