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Mennonite Man Caught with Twelve Thousand Dollars in his Sofa, Hours After Drug Plane Lands

And as the smoke has cleared from the burning single-engine plane from Sunday morning’s landing, law enforcement officers continue on the grounds tonight where the drug plane crash-landed. They are looking for the cargo, presumably cocaine. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams says it is believed that the drug is still in the area. According to the Commissioner, the sixth man detained hours later was a Mennonite man of Spanish Lookout. Intel had let the Police to believe that he was the driver of the missing getaway vehicle. Adding to the information of the Mennonite’s involvement is the discovery of a stash of about twelve thousand dollars found hidden in his sofa. Williams says officers continue to search for the cargo.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “We spent the entire day in the Mountain Pine Ridge area yesterday searching for the content or what may have been the content of that plane but so far that result has been fruitless. We also received information of a third person who was involved who was the driver of the vehicle that managed to evade the team that intercepted the other vehicle and that person is a Mennonite who lives in the Spanish Lookout area and also have a farm not too far from where the plane landed. We were able to detain that person yesterday evening and we found in his sofa $12,000 or a little over $12,000 which he could not account for and we also found the vehicle that had escaped the team that tried to intercept it however it was long after he had disposed of the cargo but we have the vehicle in our custody, we have him in custody, we have the other three persons in custody so what we’re doing now is to put together the different pieces with a view to bring charges against those persons for facilitating the landing of a plane. At this time we have several teams headed by ACP Grinage in the area still conducting searches. We’re still hopeful that the content of the plane may be in the area and we’ll be able to find it so that is where we are with that.”