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Mentally Challenged Man Chops a Cop

A mentally challenged man was making threats this morning in Seine Bight Village. The cops tried to speak to him and calm him down, and unfortunately at nine thirty-five this morning he chopped a special constable. ACP Myvett says that the officers detained the suspect after he chopped the Special Constable.

ACP Joseph Myvette: Seine Beight and Placencia Police responded to an incident of a male person making chopping motions at several villagers in Seine Beight village. As a result police encountered one Zebidi Martir. A mentally challenged patient who at the time was in possession of a machete. He was approached by the Police who tried to convince him to put down the machete and in the process he suddenly approached one of the officers and made a chopping motion at him which caused one of the officers to be injured. One Special Constable Raphael Calis who received one large chop wound to the back of his head. In the process Police fired several warning shots which did not persuade him to drop the machete and as a result one additional shot was fired at him which caught him in the right forearm. As result he was disarmed. He was taken to the Placencia Poli clinic for medical attention and then later transferred to the Southern Regional Hospital under police escort.”

Special Constable Caliz is receiving treatment for his wounds.