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Mercury – a serious health hazard

You may be wondering what are the effects of Mercury on the human body? Mercury, a highly toxic chemical element, is found naturally in air, water and soil. In large quantities, mercury can cause a number of complications, and it is a threat to the development of babies in pregnant women.

Tahlia Ali Smith Project Execution Officer BCRC- Caribbean: “The things about mercury is that it never breaks down after continual exposure so it is not one time you are exposed to mercury you will have negative effects but after continual exposure it can have anything from different neurological disorders, motor functions and deficiencies in pregnant mothers. So the thing is that mercury over time is faster accumulated in waterways and it really works up the food chain so in the larger fish species but in certain fish species and after continual consumption over years and years of eating contaminated fish it can have different effects. If pregnant women consume these fish the fetus might be exposed to different neurological disorders, motor function etc. short term effects can be anything from a headache to nausea etc.”

The World Health Organization states that Mercury is considered one of the top ten chemicals of major public health concern.