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Meridian Enterprises Not Mayan King Farms

In our previous reports we have been mentioning the name of the company, Mayan King Farms; today, however, we got clarification from Gonzalez as to the relations between Meridian Enterprises and Mayan King Farms.


“Mayan King farms are practically dormant and the only reason he has chosen to not de-register that company is that he strongly believes that if he does that he will actually be validating the claim that the Americans have on him.  So he is actively pursuing the de-listing of himself and that company from the King Pin List.  So Mayan King is dormant, it’s  still in existence but that’s his company. Meridian Enterprise has a management contract with the asset owner which is Mrs. Myrtle Sheran and she is an eighty year old lady and whenever I have to negotiate for capital investment projects she has chosen him to validate my decision because obviously I can go to her and say, ‘Mrs. Myrtle, I need to build another packing shed and she will be like, do you have to David?’  But if someone is there that can validate then I would never be accused of taking advantage of an eighty year old lady.”

The demonstration of the workers at the Big Creek Port is scheduled to take place from 2pm – 4pm on Thursday afternoon.  It is the hope of the workers that the international stakeholders will see how this move by Fyffes has left over one thousand families without any source of income.