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Meridian Says Fyffes Reacted Hastily in Ending Business Relations

For some time now there have been the talks of the United States of America buckling down on persons who may be affiliated with the drug or human trade and in the last few months we have been seeing just how powerful the USA is as there have been disruptions in the financial sector in Belize and now, the banana industry is in a crisis situation.  John Zabaneh, who is a spokesperson for Meridian Enterprises and son of the owner of the company, 80-year-old, Myrtle Sheran, was fingered by the US as a drug kingpin and with the US cracking down on these persons and their businesses, Fyffes was forced to withdraw their business from Meridian Enterprises.  We asked Gonzalez how he felt about the reason behind the collapse of their partnership with Fyffes.


“It is not justified. It is a knee jerk reaction to a hunch that their legal department has but yet they forgot to put on the scale, the legal opinion with an economist opinion as well as a PR opinion because obviously the economist would say, if you displace thousands of people out of their livelihood, your shares will drop steeper and the PR sentiment would be the same and so they would have calculated their response and do it in a professional and sociable responsible manner by ceasing to purchase but with a time frame that would allow individuals to go on with their lives.”