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Mesop and Albert Reps Commend Teachers in the Classrooms Despite Ongoing Strike

Area Representatives for the Mesopotamia division, Michael Finnegan and for the Albert division, Tracy Panton summoned the media this afternoon to a press conference where they spoke of the current strike action by the teachers from around the country.  As the situation currently stands, the strike action will continue up to the middle of next week when the union is to meet with the Prime Minister on Wednesday.  Some weeks ago Finnegan and Panton were seen visiting several schools in their areas appealing to the teachers to not abandon their classrooms.  Today, Panton spoke on the issue of the union moving the goal posts as negotiations continue.

Meanwhile, Finnegan spoke on the recent meeting between the Prime Minister and the BNTU, stating that the Government has been compromising and has been fair in its negotiations.


In a strange twist, Finnegan saluted the teachers in their fight for the occupational and health safety bill which he says he would be willing to stand against the Government for if it is not effected.


Both ministers went on in complimenting the teachers for their presence in the classrooms despite the campaign by the BNTU to strike.


The press conference ended just before four o’clock this evening.  As the conference was in progress, about two dozen teachers gathered in front of the UDP Headquarters issuing flyers to drivers and pedestrians passing by; a move which is a part of their public education campaign.