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Messenger attempts to pursue armed robber and is shot in the head

Last Friday afternoon shots echoed on Saint Joseph Street in Belize City. A was shot in the head and later rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.  It appeared to be a robbery in which the victim was relieved of some documents. However, immediately after, he set chase after the gunman and was then shot. ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of the Crimes Investigation Branch in Belize City explains what investigators have gathered.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: Just after 4:40 pm Police responded to a shooting incident at St. Joseph St. which is almost near where BAHA is on the opposite side and they have the old medical school. A male person by the name Nyerere Parsu had just picked up some deliveries from the vital statics and was riding to Pits Law Firm where is employed and whilst crossing from Freetown going to the other lane going towards the monument flags, he was approached by a male person who held him at gunpoint and demanded that he hand over a folder that he had in his possession. He complied by handing over his folder and the male person made his way towards the flag monument. Nyerere said chase at the male person, they travel all in front of Mission Roberts coming to St. Joseph and whilst reaching in front of the BAHA building the male person fired a shot at Nyerere injuring him to the head. Fortunately he is admitted at this moment in a stable condition at the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital. The difficulty in determining whether or not it was a gunshot was because he had fallen to the street side and he had received a large cut wound to the head. The doctor was unable to determine whether it was a gunshot or not but after doing a cat scan and other X ray on him it was observed that he had a slug inside of his head.

Reporter: So it’s lodged in the brain?

ASP Alejandro Cowo: No it’s not inside the brain, in the skin and the skull.

Reporter: So his prognosis then isn’t?

ASP Alejandro Cowo:Up to now the doctor is saying that he is recovering and he is in a stable condition.

Reporter: What do you believe the attacker really wanted? Nobody really hold you up and say give me your folder.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: Well you know, now a days when you are walking or riding in your vehicle and you are holding a parcel in your hand or whatsoever bulky, people suspect that you have some valuables there and this is the opportunity that this guy might have seen that Nyerere was riding with and they ask him for the folder in which he handed it over but then he followed the person in an attempt to recover it back and that is when he was shot.

Reporter: Do you know or have any idea who he is, the suspect?

ASP Alejandro Cowo: No we don’t have an idea

Reporter: No cameras in the area?

ASP Alejandro Cowo: No cameras in the area.