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Met Office Shares the Cause of Torrential rains

The country received torrential rains last night and this morning which caused flooding in various parts of the City and low lying areas throughout the country.  Love News spoke with Ronald Gordon, Climatologist of the National Meteorological Service who shared the reason for all the rain.

 Ronald Gordon

“We had two tropical waves cross us over the weekend and then we had a trough of low pressure in front of us now and also we have very unstable conditions at the upper levels so all of these things have combined to create a very wet pattern over us for the past couple of days and we expect that to continue at least for the next 24 hours and a cold front will cross the country and after that things should clear up a bit.”

Gordon went on to tell us what can be expected for the next twenty-four hours.

Ronald Gordon

“At least for the next 24 Hours the chances of flooding are high because we expect more rainfall to fall starting this afternoon and into tonight and that will cause the flooding to become worse because you already have moist conditions and the soil is already saturated so we can expect flooding and we advise residents living along low lying areas and people living along rivers and streams to be alert for flooding.”