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Methodist Church elects new bishop

Reverend Alvin Moses Benguche has been appointed to be the Bishop and the District President for the 2018 to 2021 Triennium of the Methodist Church. Reverend Benguche has been a minister for twenty-eight years, serving in Jamaica and Guyana. Reverend Benguche, who is a Belizean, recently returned to Belize to take up his position as Bishop of the Methodist Church and District President.  He told Love News that serving in those countries have prepared him to now serve in his own country.

Reverend Alvin Moses Benguche : I have had the opportunity having served in Jamaica and all parts of Jamaica not only in one location but while I was a Minister in Jamaica I served the rural part of Jamaica. I served in the suburban part of Jamaica and I served in the inner city of Jamaica. So all those experience, my Jamaican experience and also my experiencing that lovely country of Guyana has impacted my Ministry and I think having served in those areas, having also served also in the educational sector in especially Jamaica and having served for both Chairman for a number of schools in Jamaica and having served in our community college, one of our Methodist Community Colleges in Jamaica. I think I bring a wide experience of why I am here in Belize to serve and why I think I bring all that experience and I can bring all that experience to bear to my work here and the work which needs to be done in Belize and Honduras.”

Reverend Benguche succeeds Bishop Roosvelt Papouloute who has served the maximum time of nine years. Reverend Benguche’s induction will take place on Sunday at four o’clock in the afternoon at the Wesley Church in Belize City.