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Methodist Church holds annual conference in Punta Gorda

Paul Mahung reporting …

“The Annual Conference of the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas and Belize Honduras District is being held this week in Punta Gorda. Among a host of ministerial officials at the conference hosted at the Punta Gorda Methodist Church Love News caught up with Bishop of Belize Honduras District, Bishop Roosevelt Papaloutte and connectional Bishop of the Methodist Church of the Caribbean and Americas Bishop Otto Wade.

Bishop Roosevelt Papaloutte

“Every year around this time, actually it starts with the connection, all districts are meeting to take care of the business of the church and so we in the Belize Honduras district are in session now. Ministers and lay people meet together to receive reports for the past year and make plans for the new year and beyond and so we are glad to be meeting in Toledo this year, that last time we were here was ten years ago, we met in Forest Home, we are now in Punta Gorda. With us this week is our connectional Bishop, Bishop OttoWade who is no stranger to Belize.

Bishop Otto Wade

“It is good to be home, I now am in Antigua where we are headquartered but here as I do from time to time attend the conference here in Belize in fact I was here ten years ago as well but on Sunday we will gather especially for an ordination service which would be the first time that our church would have had an ordination service which would be the first time that our church would have had an ordination here in the south.

Paul Mahung

“Will there be any young people involved in the week of activities?”


Bishop Roosevelt Papaloutte

“Yes, our young people will be coming to PG on Saturdaymorning, they will be coming from Corozal , Belize City and Stann Creek and of course here the young people here in Toledo will join us for our youth activities. This week is going to be the festival of praise where they are going to display their talents in arts and poetry and so on and on Sunday morning we will have our worship service beginning at 8am followed by our usual parade throughout the streets of Punta Gorda. In the afternoon at 3pm that is when we will have our ordination at Forest Home Methodist Church.

The conference of the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and Americas and Belize Honduras district will conclude Sunday afternoon with a special service for the ordination of Reverend Tanya Welcome.