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Methodist Church prepares to celebrate 50th anniversary of autonomy in the Caribbean and the Americas

Paul Mahung reporting…

“The Methodist Belize Honduras district made plans for a series of major upcoming events as explained by President of the Belize Honduras District Bishop Roosevelt Papoloutte.”

Bishop Roosevelt Papoloutte

“The month of March, we will have four weeks of reflection and meditation on very important topics such as our heritage, Christian stewardship, our spirituality and mission and evangelism, these are topics that we are going to use to remind the membership of the church of who we are, what our role is in the life of the church that is of mission and we must continue to live that life of spirituality as God calls us to live. In May, we will have some other major activities beginning with a week of open services in Toledo, Stann Creek, in Corozal, Belize City and Belmopan and of course on the other side of the district as well in Honduras. On the 21st of May we will have our anniversary celebration, we will be joining the rest of the MCCA on that day to celebrate God’s faithfulness and at the same time recommitting ourselves to claiming God’s people, God’s future. So those are some of the events that are being planned and I call on the church and community to support the mission and the work of God in this part of his vineyard.”

Paul Mahung

“Bishop Papoloutte was pleased to note that decisions regarding plans for the major events were recommended, discussed and agreed upon by Methodist circuits clergy and representatives during last week’s productive meeting sections of the 156 annual conference of the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and Americas Belize Honduras district held in Toledo. “