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Methodist conference wraps up

The 156th annual conference of the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas Belize Honduras District ended yesterday in Toledo.

Paul Mahung reporting…

“The weeklong event was a wonderful time of fellowship planning, decision-making, spirituality, among other highlights as explained by president of the Belize Honduras District, Bishop Roosevelt Papaloutte.

Bishop Roosevelt Papoloute

“We came here on Monday morning for ministerial Council and on Wednesday to Friday we had our District Council where the lay delegates joined us. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and iflection  on the state of the work of God, we made the sudden decisions that we will be sharing with our congregations via the pastoral letter that they receive every year but of course the highlight of the week really is the children, youth and young adults activities in the weekend. The festival of praise with cultural evening hosted by the Toledo circuit, the young adults gathering that was on Saturday night and of course the Young People’s demonstration on Sunday. It was wonderful seeing the young people expressing their faith, glorifying God in the arts, different forms, music, dance and through worship. But of course, the ordination service as usual we end the conference or Council with an official service where the district presidents charged the districts with decisions that were made and how we’re going to move forward. This year was different because the ordination service took precedence. We thank God for a wonderful and beautiful week.”

Paul Mahung

“Bishop Papaloute commented that the District Council 2017 was a very successful experience in Toledo and expressed words of gratitude.

Bishop Roosevelt Papoloute

“The District Council was a very successful experience in Toledo and it could not have been without the hospitality, love and care, the open hearts and minds of people of Toledo, not only in the Methodist faith but in the non-Methodist faith so on behalf of the church I express the deepest gratitude to everyone in Toledo who has had something to do with the hosting of the council and I pray God’s blessings upon you and continue to encourage you to be a part of the life of the church and the community in a loving, peaceful and caring manner after all, that’s what God requires of us.

Paul Muhung

“This year’s District Council and meeting of the Methodist church in the Caribbean and the Americas Belize Honduras District was held under the theme “Heritage and mission, celebrating God’s faithfulness, claiming God’s future”.