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Mexican Ambassador Hopes for Resolution on Belize/Guatemala Dispute

The Group of Friends is a political and financial support group of twenty two countries who provide advice to the Organization of American States. Mexico is a member of the Group and today the media asked Ambassador of Mexico to Belize, Carlos Quesnel to comment on the issue of Guatemala invading the Sarstoon River this past weekend. He said Mexico is aware of the situation and hopes that the countries can handle the situation peacefully.


“We are certainly concerned and we favor a peaceful settlement. Mexico as a member of the OAS is trying to help to reach solution at the OAS level and we are confident that both countries will find solutions together.  We are certainly as a country and a member of the OAS we are trying to facilitate every means of peaceful solution and will work very hard for that. You can imagine that Mexico is a neighbor of both countries and we want to see peace and two prosperous neighbors working together and working with Mexico. We are very confident that we will find solutions that will find a peaceful resolution.”