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Mexican Artist exhibit opens at the Cultural Institute

This month, celebrated as International Women’s Month, has publicized many events in honor of Women all around the world.  Nuria Montiel, a visual artist from Mexico launched her art in Canada and she is now excited to bring highlights of those to Belize in the form of an art exhibition depicting her cultural talent and tradition. We spoke to her as she prepared for an exhibit to be held at the Mexican Cultural Institute on Friday.

Nuria Montiel Mexican Visual Artist: “It is a show of mono prints, it means that these textiles are done through a press like let’s says stamps pressed on the textile or fabrics. The forms are based on iconography woven from female traditional costumes from different groups of Mexico. The Amuzgo, the Trikis so I like traditional iconography that I appropriated and distorted in different ways. This show is named Takada which means textiles and basically it is a reference to the knowledge that is woven into customs. The art that you will see displayed is done by female artists. I think in certain ways we need visibility just as men do and because it is the day of the women’s day they invited us to be together and see which could be the differences between us as females.”

The exhibit opens Friday night at seven at the Mexican Cultural Institute on Newtown Barracks. It will be a dual art display as a local exhibit also opens at the institute at the same time.