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Mexican Embassy Weighs in on Belize Guatemala Issue

Meanwhile coming out of the Mexican Embassy was a release expressing hope that an end to the dispute would be reached.  Mexico’s Ambassador to Belize Carlos Quesnell wrote on his Facebook page, quote, “The Government of Mexico, through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, regrets the events which occurred on April 20 at the Adjacency Zone between Guatemala and Belize in which a minor lost his life and other persons were injured. Likewise it extends its condolences to the relatives of the victims.  Mexico is confident that with the support of the Office of the OAS at the Adjacency Zone an extensive investigation will be launched with regard to the events in order to determine responsibilities.  The Government of Mexico reiterates its support to the ongoing efforts that Guatemala and Belize carry out to finding a solution to the present dispute as well as its support to the initiatives implemented within the framework of the OAS that encourage confidence building measures between the parties and avoid incidents and tensions that could affect the peaceful process in finding a resolution to the dispute.”