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Mexican Experts In-Country for Chiquibul Investigation

A team of experts has been deployed to conduct an independent report on the incidents that surround the death of a Guatemalan minor, Julio Rene Alvarado Ruano, on April 20 2016. According to the Embassy of Mexico the decision came as a request form the governments of Belize and Guatemala.  The independent commission will consist of specialists in the fields of criminal investigation, criminal law and forensic affairs. The team is also well versed on the mandates of the OAS and fluency in English and Spanish. The investigation is expected to last approximately two weeks, but if necessary it could be extended for another two weeks. At the end of the two weeks the team is expected to deliver a single report, representing a detailed and independent investigation. Additionally, Belize requested expert investigations of other cases in which Belizean security officers were injured. In the aftermath of the minor’s death, tensions escalated as both governments sent accusations at each other. This independent report is expected to facilitate dialogue and strengthen confidence building measures. Invitations to comprise the team were sent to Brazil, Chile, United States and Mexico to nominate experts in criminal investigation. It was necessary to recruit members from these countries, as the OAS has limited financial resources and personnel. Originally, the United States and Brazil confirmed their willingness to join the team, but later on Brazil withdrew, therefore, the OAS Secretary General would seek the support of other member states.  The Mexican Federal Police (PF) appointed, Doctor Patricia Rosa Linda Trujillo Mariel, Head of the Coordination of Criminology of the Scientific Division. The activities Doctor Trujillo will be undertaking several important tasks in order to corroborate witness statements and find the necessary evidence to find out what happened.