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Mexican Government Apologies to the Indigenous Maya

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and his Guatemalan counterpart Alejandro Giammattei (ja-ma-tay) were on the Yucatan Peninsula for a historic act in which his Government apologized to the Maya for the grievances suffered from the Spanish conquest to the present day.
President Obrador spoke at a ceremony today in the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of Mexico: “This ceremony of forgiveness of the Mexican state is part of the commemorations for the seven hundred years of the founding of Tenochtitlan, the five hundred years of the European invasion and the two hundred years of our national independence. Due to an imperative of government efforts but also out of our conviction we offer sincere apologies to the Mayan people for the terrible abuses committed by individuals and national authorities and foreigners in the conquest during the three centuries of colonial domination and in two cycles of an independent Mexico.”

For his part, President Giammattei stressed that since the Caste (kast) War, the region has overcome slavery and armed conflicts, but recalled that it still faces problems such as the migration crisis. He said (quote) “We continue to face the loss of human life, now due to organized crime, malnutrition and the search for opportunities that so many people seek far from their homes as a result of social exclusion” (End quote). President Lopez Obrador, who also plans to apologize to the Chinese community exterminated during the Mexican Revolution and to the Yaqui (ya-kee)people, would like King Felipe the Sixth of Spain to also participate in the acts asking for forgiveness for the conquest, something that the Spanish Government has already ruled out.