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Mexican Journalists Calls Free Zone Fire Arson

Mexican news papers are reporting that the recent fire at the Corozal Free Zone was as a result of arson. According to Dario Repuesta, six groups focusing on contraband in the Free Zone are at war with each other. The newspaper says that authorities believe that the fire that burn down the P and P Home Depot building was as a result of this war. Since the murder of Ernest Alfonso de Miguel or “El Espanol” last year, the six groups of contrabandistas had agreed on the sharing of several contraband groups that would be entering the free zone and sent to other Central American countries. But the negotiation turn sour and one of the groups set the building on fire. When we called the CEO of the Free Zone, Raul Rosado, he directed us to fire official saying that he would not want to give unconfirmed details. The P and P building was owned by Amit Moriani.