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Mexican Navy and BCG Discusses Cooperation Agreement

Members of the Mexican Navy were in Belize holding talks with officials of the Belize Coast Guard to further strengthen their cooperation in education, training and other areas.  Love News spoke with the Commander, Admiral John Borland on the Memorandum of Understanding that he and his Mexican counterpart reviewed today.


“Today secondary to the Mexican Navy bringing Diego back to Belize we are discussing and probably singing off on the cooperation agreement so it exists right now in an informal manner but it is by and large on the courtesy and good will of secretary of the Mexican Navy so he’s a great friend of mine and he is proven to be beyond any praise that I can lay on him. At this point they taking all those expenses and all the support they have given us is by and large by the courtesy and good will of the Secretary of the Mexican Navy. It speaks largely to training. As you know in our efforts to build this coast guard capacity building where we establish partnerships with a number of forces internationally but also regionally and most of all now with our next door neighbors the Mexican Navy and we are in their schools, we are in the Mexican Navy Academy as we speak and the Special Forces school. The agreements are informal as we speak but right now we intend to formalize and it’s mainly for training in all their institutions be it professional institutions, technical or tactical in the name of capacity building.”

Currently there are Belizeans enlisted in naval schools in Mexico with another selection preparing to leave next month.