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Mexican officials to inspect vehicles entering Mexico

Starting today and for the rest of the week, Mexican officials will be carrying out inspections of passenger and commercial vehicles which enter Mexico through Belize. The inspection will take place at the Subteniente López on Route 186 in Chetumal. Press and Legal Affairs Officer for the Mexican Embassy Hugo Juarez Carrillo says that the inspection is to promote the registration of Belizean commercial vehicles entering Mexico.

Hugo Carrillo Legal & Press Officer, Mexican Embassy: To check that the drivers have registration of the vehicle, that the vehicle is insured in Mexico and that the driver has a driver’s license, the proper driver’s license. This is not something designed for Belizeans, actually these vehicles are using federal roads in Mexico and this is the law in Mexico that every Mexican driver has to comply with especially the drivers of commercial vehicles then this is what we  can say a  second step after signing the MOU. This second step is to encourage the drivers and the owners of these commercial Belizean vehicles to register in Mexico, only 15 of them have done it to now and in order to regulate this activity in Mexican territory and homogenizing it to the way that Mexican driver have to behave and well this has to be the same thing for Belizeans. This is a warning we could say in order to in there near future start making inspections where if you don’t comply well you might have some kind of sanction but right now it is just a warning in order to check these vehicles and be sure that drivers and vehicles have the proper documentation to circulate in Mexican roads. There is not going to be any kind of punishment against these people, they will just have warnings, they will warn them in order to get them next time they cross the border but this you can say a warning period that might last June 15th and we expect to have different situation in the near future.

According to Carrillo, by the end of this warning period, all Belizean vehicles and drivers doing international cargo and passenger services in Mexico must have the corresponding registration, license and current insurance.