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Mexican trio remanded to prison

Three Mexican nationals, 26-year-old Jacson Jafet, 31-year-old Leonel Rodriguez and 27-year-old Belen Hernandez were remanded to prison after they appeared before Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser. They were charged with theft. Jafet was charged with the theft of three hundred dollars Belize currency from Atlantic Bank in Corozal Town. Hernandez was charged with the theft of five hundred dollars and Rodriguez was charged with the theft of two hundred dollars. The Mexican trio was caught on Friday in Corozal Town with about sixty international bank cards, believed to be stolen, along with a substantial amount of Mexican currency. According to ASP Alejandro Cowo the persons had withdrawn more than one hundred thousand dollars from Atlantic Bank ATMs throughout the country since November last year.


“The Atlantic Bank had indicated to police that they had seen these three male persons, two male persons and a female withdrawing several amounts of cash from different ATMs within the country. So far this investigation is pointing that we have three Mexican nationals detained; two males and a female and a search conducted on their apartment in Ladyville yielded several computers and other electronic items that the police at this moment is looking to see what other information we can get from those devices. They are of different persons so we suspect that they have been stolen from other persons. All of them are international cards. We have over 60 if I’m not mistaken. The report from Atlantic Bank is giving an estimate of about $100,000 within a period from November to present date. That is the only financial institution that so far has made a report to the police. It is the bank in the Free Zone, Corozal, Orange Walk, Belize City, San Pedro, Caye Caulker and I believe San Ignacio.”

Jafet, Rodriguez and Hernandez were represented by Attorney Kevin Arthurs. As they left court they were taken into custody by the police for them to be charged with more offences. There matter was adjourned to March 21.