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Mexicans remain imprisoned for bank card fraud

The three Mexicans accused of stealing bank cards and withdrawing tens of thousands of dollars from Atlantic Bank ATM’s across Belize are facing additional charges this week. 26 year old Belen Hernandez and 31 year old Lionel Rodriguez appeared in court in Corozal earlier this week but because police did not have any evidence to present, the charges against them were dismissed. But, that was not the end of the road in that case. Police has slapped both with new charges. Inspector Ferrufino explained.

Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino, Crimes Investigation Branch: “The initial charge of theft was struck out by the magistrate. They will be rearrested in regard to that matter and there were additional charges of theft laid upon them on Tuesday. These were tests that occured from the same report from Atlantic Bank in Corozal and in Orange Walk. There will also be additional charges of theft in the Ladyville and Belize City and Caye Caulker area this week as well for those three individuals. They have been on remand since January from the initial charge, they are still in custody, they are still in custody and their travel documents are in police custody.”

The accused appeared in court for those charges and pled not guilty. Their case was adjourned to May 28.