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Mexicans Riot Over Unprecedented Level of Debt Incurred by their Government

A riot took place earlier today in front of the Congress Building in Chetumal Quintana Roo, Mexico. The following videos were obtained from the Facebook page of the newscast “El Punto Sobre La I (EE)” in Quintana Roo. Citizens are infuriated over alleged public funds mismanagement. The public is directing their rage against Quintana Roo Governor, Roberto Borges who they are demanding be audited. They have opened a web page asking the public to sign the online petition urging congress to audit Borges. They claim that under the Borges, the national debt has reached an unprecedented level and this has caused economic deterioration in the southern Mexican State. The administrators of the page demand that Borges be audited to find out where the missing money is. The police threw tear gas at civilians during violent clashes and the people threw stones at the police. Subsequent news feed on Facebook stated that by the evening hours the confrontation was phasing out.