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Mexico to build New School in Pueblo Viejo

The press conference featuring Senator Hinojosa also provided an opportunity to be updated on another related initiative. Following the model it set with the Escuela Secundaria Técnica México, the Government of Mexico will invest in another school in Belize. This time it will be in the south at Pueblo Viejo Village in the Toledo District. Carlos Quesnel Melendez, Mexico’s Ambassador to Belize says financing will come from the Yucatan Fund and work is expected to start in the next few months.

Carlos Quesnel Melendez, Mexico’s Ambassador to Belize: “The Government of Mexico announced the donation of a new school in Toledo, Pueblo Viejo, where through the Yucatan Fund we can grant $5 million US dollars. We are still in the process of working the paperwork, we are working very closely with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Economic Development and we hope that we will have some news in the next couple of months to announce the beginning of the construction but we are still going through all the paperwork. What I can tell you is that Mexico is certainly supporting the efforts of Belize and we applaud the efforts of Belize in the education sector they are doing a great job and we would like to be part of this work and that is why we chose Toledo as we realize the need of new education systems. By the way with the help of the Ministry of Education the program MesoAmerica sin Hambre wants to be a part of this school, so this is an intercultural school that will focus on agriculture issues and since we are already working with the pilot programs in the places that the Chief Education Officer mentioned Pueblo Viejo, San Antonio, Santa Elena and Santa Cruz, we will have this new school in Pueblo Viejo and Mesoamerica sin Hambre is an important part of the curriculum of these schools so we are working out all the details.”