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Mexico Celebrates its Independence with a free concert

Belize is celebrating its independence on the 21st and its neighbor in the North, Mexico celebrates its independence day on September 16th. But in advance of that date, embassies around the world will celebrate on Thursday, September 13th. Love News spoke to Diego Sapien, the Cultural attaché for Mexico’s Embassy in Belize who says the Embassy will host a concert which starts at 6:30 p.m.

Jose Sanchez: “Que Viva Mexico our neighbor is celebrating its Independence three days early on Thursday night at the Belize City Center with an event that is free for all Belizeans.”

Diego Sapiek Cultural Attache, Mexican Embassy: “We are bringing the celebration to Belize on the 13th of September with a concert of the Wings Orchestra of Mexico. The ensemble is comprised of 65 elements from Mexico and it is directed by Mexican musician Hector Izlas and they are going to do a repertoire between classical, Mexican, traditional, folk music. We have a little surprise for the Belizean’s that is going to be of a traditional pop Mexican musician that you need to be there to know who it is but its a guitarist from Mexico that probably Belizean’s know very well.”

Jose Sanchez: “The Wings Orchestra will be complemented by El Grito. A ceremony which is reproduced by all embassies around the world.”

Diego Sapiek Cultural Attache, Mexican Embassy: The El Grito ceremony is the civic ceremony that is done every year at the National Palace that is in Mexico City in the Zocalo Square. Every year the Mexican prison does the recreation that is the initiation of the Mexican Independence that was done on the first hours on the 16th of September. This is done now a days every 15th around 9 o’clock at night and Mexicans go and fill up the Zocalo. The main plaza of Mexico city and go and cry with the president or shout Viva Mexico and all of the National heroes that fought for the Mexican independence are listed on that cry that is now known as the cry of Dolores and the Mexican shout. The Mexican shout of Dolores and that is one of the most important events on the Mexican night. After that it is the Mexican National Anthem and fireworks. Its all most a mythical representation of that important night for Mexicans under independence. “

Jose Sanchez: “The event is free for the public. Jose Sanchez for Love News.”