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Mexico Congratulates Prime Minister Barrow on Elections

An online publication from Reuters News Agency reported that in an interview yesterday with the Prime Minister Dean Barrow, it was mentioned that the recently elected President of Guatemala, Carlos Morales, had not extended any congratulatory note to him on his victory at the polls on Wednesday.  Guatemala is one of Belize’s border countries and so is Mexico.  Today, a congratulatory note via the Mexican Embassy in Belize saying that they salute Prime Minister Dean Barrow on his triumph in the general elections.  The congratulatory note came from Mexico’s Secretariat for external relation and went on to commend the country for carrying out a peaceful election with a healthy participation from the voting population of the electorate.  It added that with the presence of election observers, the smooth flow of the elections is a clear reflection of the strength of the country’s democracy.   The three paragraph message ended by saying that Mexico reiterates its willingness to continue strengthening the ties of friendship and cooperation with Belize.