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Mexico Seeks to Open a Hospital in Belize

The Mexican Secretary of Tourism is looking at the potential of introducing Mexican medical professionals to operate in Belize. Very often, Belizeans travel across the border to seek medical care due to cheaper hospital costs and the wide range of specialties that are available. Belizeans would usually seek extensive medical care in various part of the Mexican peninsula in cities such as Punta Cana, Tulum, Playa Del Carmen and now those same services will be available in Belize. The marketing and Medical Tourism Manager of Galenia Hospital, Olivia Laviada, explained that doctors in Mexico have been working closely with doctors in Belize to ensure that patients who return from undergoing procedures in Mexico can have a follow up here in Belize.

Olivia Laviada Renoult, Representative, Galenia Hospital: “We have the priceless and the honor to work with some of your doctors here in Belize and they have the confidence to send us your patients so we can assist them as much as we can. The good news is that Galenia decided to work together with Belize. We have good plans to grow our brand here very soon. We have this very close relationships with your doctors so what we’ve been doing is yeah some of the patients go directly to our hospitals and they receive medical attention but once they come back to Belize they have the follow up with your doctors so we have this communication between the doctors from Galenia with the doctors from Belize as well. And as you mentioned because of the pandemic a lot of the patients were able to come to Galenia. So since that time we already offered these virtual appointments or virtual doctor meetings so yeah we do it by Zoom or sometimes by Whatsapp or whatever the patient has the availability in heir home we have been working with that as well.”

Soralla (So-raya) Portillo form the Joya Hospital group says their vision is to expand their services and bring their medical presence into Belize by establishing one of their Joya Hospitals here.

Soralla Portillo, Representative, Joya Hospital Group: “The purpose of our visit to Belize is to form strategic alliances that allow us to attend to the medical needs of your citizens. Also we want to take this opportunity to analyze the possibility of bringing a new hospital, a new unit of Hospital Joya that allows to have a premier level medical care facility with the necessary specialties needed here in Belize.”

Portillo says that they see an opportunity to invest in expansion of medical tourism in and eliminate the travel costs for Belizeans that are attached to seeking medical attention in Mexico.