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Mexico supports Belize/Guatemala bilateral talks

This morning, reporters from several media houses were hosted by the Ambassador of Mexico to Belize, Carlos Quesnel, for a breakfast press conference. Ambassador Quesnel spoke on an array of issues related to his government, including the Belize/Guatemala dispute. Yesterday the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States, OAS, hosted Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington and his Guatemalan counterpart, Sandra Jovel in Washington DC. The meeting was to update the Permanent Council on the process to take Guatemala’s unfounded claim to the International Court of Justice. Mexico’s Permanent Representative to the OAS, Jorge Lomonaco, said Mexico supports the process. The same was said this morning by Ambassador Quesnel.

CARLOS QUESNEL, AMBASSADOR OF MEXICO TO Belize: “We welcome all the efforts in order to get a peaceful solution to the dispute. You can understand that as a bordered country of both Belize and Guatemala we are the first country interested in seeing a peaceful resolution and from the very beginning when the Belize and Guatemala under the frame work of the OAS accepted or agreed to go to the ICJ,  Mexico welcomed  that decision and we are also supporting all the efforts to maintain the Adjacency Zone office of the OAS and certainly we are aware that we need money for that and there is a lot of potential in this office to promote the cooperation . There are more cooperation programs there so Mexico is ready to continue supporting all these initiatives about look for a peaceful solution. We welcome the decision of Guatemala to go with the Referendum in April and we are expecting Belize to do the same and we understand the reasons why Belize has not announced a date but we have gone beyond that as part of the Group of Friends we have been very supportive and we have given also money and we will be keeping to trying to give more money; this is a difficult moment not only for Mexico for many countries we go through very strong austerity problems but we will also support all the mechanisms. We will bring this issue to the Group of Friends meeting to try to find the mechanism to try to get more funds for the Peace Fund for the Belize Guatemala issue.”

Ambassador Quesnel also spoke on several other topics including the Mexican Government’s decision to build a second Escuela Mexico, this time in Southern Belize.