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Mexico to build school in Southern Belize

Last Thursday, the Ambassador of Mexico to Belize, Carlos Quesnel, hosted the media for a breakfast press conference. Ambassador Quesnel spoke on an array of issues related to his government and the relationship between the governments of Belize and Mexico. Ambassador Quesnel announced the Mexican Government’s decision to build a second Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico, this time in Southern Belize.


“I think this is very good news. We are thinking an intercultural school; that means that Maya will be taught and we will be focusing Agriculture, vocational training in Agriculture because of the nature of that region. Did you know that thirty five years ago and I was there for the celebration and I was there for the thirty fifth anniversary when Mexico donated the first Escuela Mexico Technica in Corozal and I want to recognize the work, the amazing job that the director, the board, the teachers, students and even the parents have done in that school. They have done a school that is a model, not only in the region, not only in Corozal but in the country, maybe in the region, the whole region in Central America and the Caribbean. We are very proud of that school and that was one of the motivation why Mexico decided to donate funds for a new school, for a second Escuela Mexico in Belize.”

The school will be built in Pueblo Viejo Village in the Toledo District.